Move Over, Microblading: People Are Tattooing Their Lashes Now


Over the past year, we have come around to the idea of tattooing our eyebrows since it has been neatly marketed as mircoblading, which sounds less scary than tattooing. (Well, only drunk people tattoo their faces on raucous stag weekends, no?) Now the tattooing-your-face-in-the-name-of-beauty trend is expanding to encompass eyelashes too.

Over in the U.S., Piret Aava, aka the Eyebrow Doctor, has spent 2017 tattooing her clients' lash lines to give the effect of denser, thicker lashes. These lash-enhancement tattoos, also known as invisible liner, are ideal if you wear eyeliner on the daily and want to save some time or you have fair lashes that need a boost. As Aava told Marie Clarie, "You fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup."

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Aava uses a cutting-edge tool to tattoo her clients' lash lines. TheВ Nouveau Contour is, according to Aava, "the world's first computerised pigmentation device and used for both cosmetic and medical micropigmentation procedures. The area is numbed first, and then thin liner is tattooed right in the lash line."

The speed and pressure of the needle increases or decreases as it's drawn along the lash line to ensure an evenly pigmented line. As with microblading, the process involves two appointments, the initial treatment and then a touch-up to ensure the effect is flawless and long lasting (you'll be looking at around three to five years of defined eyes).

"No one will know you've had anything done, but your eyes will be more permanently defined. Lash enhancement is great for everyone, especially those with really gappy and sparse lashes, as thicker lashes accentuate the beauty of the eyes and make them look more youthful," she explains.

The treatment is available in the UK at various salons, but if you want to save money and still know you'll get a great treatment (invisible liner can cost anywhere from ВЈ400), Nouveau Contour is always looking for training models in Yorkshire, Milton Keynes and Purley.

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