Exclusive: Carrie Underwood on Sushi Face, Smoky Eyes, and More

Carrie Underwood is the definition of the girl next door-if the girl next door also happened to be a six-time Grammy Award-winning, platinum album-selling, genre-bending blond bombshell. Since the very first time she graced America's television screens on season 4 of American Idol, the songstress has won over, well, everyone with her soulful voice, impeccable style, and, more importantly, sweet and humble spirit. (Her dazzling smile doesn't hurt, either.) We got a chance to chat with the singer and Almay brand ambassador about all things beauty-from her pre-red carpet rituals and hair advice, to the shine-busting beauty tip she taught her professional hockey player husband. Keep scrolling to read our interview and learn a new thing or two (or three… ) about America's sweetheart!

courtesy of Almay

Congratulations on being named the brand ambassador for Almay's newest Simply American campaign! Can you tell us about what all-American beauty means to you?

Underwood: It's all about being simple and confident and bringing out what is already beautiful about yourself. When I was first approached about this whole concept, I absolutely loved it. I feel like on a daily basis, I look out into the audience and see all these gorgeous girls-there's something that's so special about them, and I just loved the idea of bringing it out.

Speaking of natural beauty, what are your thoughts on the whole no-makeup makeup trend?

Underwood: I'm pretty on board with it. I'm all about things being uncomplicated, and I feel like that lends itself to a more natural look. But, I love colors! I love a bright lip color, or just any pop of color, whether you want to play up your eyes or your lips. I like to have fun with makeup, but I don't want to make it too hard or complicated.

Amen to that. Can you tell us a bit about your everyday beauty routine?

Underwood: Well, my everyday routine doesn't really take that long. If I'm at home and I have chores to do-I have a house to clean, I have groceries to buy, I work out-I don't really end up having time to make things too crazy. I'll stick to a foundation, like Almay's Smart Shade Foundation ($14) and Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick ($7).


What about when you're on tour-how do you keep your skin from freaking out?

Underwood: Water is something that's very, very important. I might get a lot of eye-rolls for saying that, but it's true-it's so good for your body and so good for your skin! I promise you, if you just add 40 ounces more to whatever you're already doing, you're going to notice a difference.

Any beauty DIYs you like?

Underwood: Coconut oil is one of my favorite things to put on my face. I even recommended it to some of my friends, who swear that it helps with their breakouts. I use it as a moisturizer after I wash my face and take my makeup off. I use it on my whole body, too.

What about your hair? We're pretty jealous of your mane, to be honest.

Underwood: Honestly, I really don't do a whole lot as far as my hair is concerned. On a daily basis, I keep it pretty simple, especially lately. Brush and blow-dryer, that's it. Right now, I'm not getting it colored as much as I was before, so I'm blonde, but a darker blonde.

Any tips on how you freshen up your color?

Underwood: I would just go get it done again (laughs).В As for my cut, I kind of had my hairstylist just give me this super-easy cut, so I wouldn't have to spend much time styling it.

The Grammy's are just around the corner-do you have any beauty rituals before a big awards show red carpet?

Underwood: I'll definitely up my water intake and decrease my sodium intake. That's just good for everything, actually. I heard someone talking about sushi face recently, where if you go eat something super salty the night before, your body and your face are going to be puffier the next day! So I always stay away from stuff like that before an important event. If I have time, I would love to get a facial, just something that's really moisturizing. I only go like twice a year though, if that! Manis and pedis are my ultimate favorite treat before an awards show. I stick to pink shades, light-colored pinks. I don't really like things that are too bright. Occasionally, if I feel like having fun, I'll paint them something brighter, but usually for nicer events, I like to stick with the classics.

What's your favorite beauty look to wear for a red carpet?

Underwood: I love a good smoky eye. I'm glad that trend has stuck around for quite awhile. I really don't see it going anywhere, which is great. From red carpet to date night, anytime you want to give a little extra oomph, or to make yourself feel al little more done up, that's the way to go. It's the easiest thing you can do!


Do you have any on-the-go beauty tips you've picked up from touring?

Underwood: It's a completely different ball game when I'm on the road, and when I'm on the stage. I do my own hair and makeup, actually.

That's crazy! And amazing. Please expand.

Underwood: More is more on stage-you'll get washed out by the lights if you don't overdo it. So, I wouldn't necessarily apply a whole lot of the makeup tips I use on tour in my everyday life.

How did you teach yourself to do your own makeup?

Underwood: I taught myself when I was younger. I was all about playing with it-the more you try it, the better you get. Whenever I would do photo shoots or get my makeup done for something, I would always just make sure to pay attention.

Last question. We have to ask-have you ever traded any beauty tips with Mike Fisher, your professional hockey player husband?

Underwood: Oh, golly. He will kill me for this. One thing he's learned from me is that if he's going to do a red carpet event or something, you have to put a little powder on your nose and forehead. I think he's learned that it's okay to do that (laughs).

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