6 Discontinued Beauty Products We're Still Mourning

There are few things more heartbreaking than going to restock a staple product,В only to learn that it is inexplicably no longer available. If you're lucky, you might get warning enough to hoard it before it completely disappears from stores, but let's face it-it's just a stage of denial beforeВ you run out of your own backstock. Then the grieving period sets in, and suddenly you find yourself on eBayВ seriously considering a 700% markup from an uncertified seller.

We've all been there, and some losses have stung more than others. (WHY, Thermasilk, WHY?!) Below, we're paying our respects to some of the greats we lost too soon-as well as some worthy replacements, becauseВ no one should have to spend a small fortune for shampoo on eBay.

Discontinued:В Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Body Lotion

The next-best thing:В Bath & Body WorksВ Coconut Lime Breeze Body LotionВ ($13)

"I had a bottle of thisВ hypnotic-smelling elixirВ stashed in every last one of my hobo bags. (Remember those?) Some of us were Warm Vanilla Sugar girls, but I was firmlyВ Coconut Lime Verbena."

- Amanda, associate features editor

Discontinued:В Assorted Chanel nail colors (especially Khaki Rose)

The next best thing:В Essie Nail Polish ($9) inВ Hot Coco

"Chanel has a reputation for creating incredible colors and then swiftly taking them off the market, inciting a public uproar-brilliant marketing, really. They do tendВ to bring back the crowd favoritesВ (Vamp, Black Satin), but I'm still waiting for Khaki Rose,В the only brownish pink I've ever truly loved."

- Victoria, associate editor

Discontinued:В Shu Uemura Prime Plenish Vitalizing Shampoo

The next best thing:В Shu UemuraВ Moisture Velvet Nourishing ShampooВ ($48)

"This was my first-ever fancy shampoo-I got to take home a sample as research when I worked at a salon after college. Truth be told, it really changed my hair. The price tag was high (I know, I know) but the formula smelled so good and felt even better. It turned my showers into an 'experience.' It was made with jasmine essential oil-known for its healing properties-and transformed my thin, processed strands into Herbal Essences-commercial-style good. It actually rebuilds your hair fiber and strengthens with every wash. Still shedding tears about this one, but luckily the brand does offer other options that are great."

- Hallie, senior editor

Discontinued:В John Frieda Beach Blonde Lemon Lights

The next best thing:В John Frieda Sheer Blonde Lightening SprayВ ($7)В

"Oh man-I can still smell this stuff. My mom had a bottle, and my siblings and I (brothers included) used to smear the gel into our hair during beach vacations in the hopes of making our sun-bleached hair even blonder. It even had chunks of actual lemon in it!"

- Victoria, associate editorВ

Discontinued:В Thermasilk Shampoo and Conditioner

The next best thing:В It's a 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk ConditionerВ ($20)

"The way it reacted with the heat of the blow-dryer was like nothing I'd ever experienced, and I always had the most voluminous head of hair when I was done. I've become a bit of a shampoo snob since coloring my hair and only use a bit pricier products that restore color, but I might relinquish my snobbery if Thermasilk ever made a comeback."

- Lindsey, associate editor

"For years, this was whatВ my entire family washed our hair with until some cruel and unusual force took it away from us. ThermasilkВ was so affordable and alwaysВ left my hair ridiculouslyВ soft. Le sigh."

- Amanda, associate features editor

Discontinued:В Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF

The next best thing:В La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral SunscreenВ ($34)

"This one hit meВ hard. I have searched for years for the perfect natural sunscreen, and this one ticked every box: lightweight, matte finish, and perfect for layering with makeup. Sadly, I learned just a few weeks ago that it's no longer in production. I'll be holding on to my remaining bottle for dear life while I commence my epic search again."

- Victoria, associate editor

Which discontinued product are you still mourning? Give it a shout-out in the comments below.