"Baby Botox" Is the New Way People Are Getting Fuller Lips and Smoother Skin

Ever since Botox and fillers were declared safe to use for cosmetic reasons, they have been at the forefront of the anti-aging conversation for people looking to treat and delay wrinkles, sagging skin, and more. But these cosmetic treatments can also be used for other things that lie outside the age-prevention sphere-things like lip injections.

When we say lip injections, we're guessing that the majority of people reading this will immediately call Kylie Jenner to mind. Her dramatic lip transformation is one that has (at least partially) inspired a major trend, driving cosmetic treatments, plumping products, and DIY tricks up in popularity. According to Marie Claire, though, this type of aesthetic is going by the wayside. Now, people are looking for a more natural and subtle take on cosmetic treatments-Botox and fillers included. As a whole, this trend has come to be known as "baby Botox."

Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

Simply put, "baby Botox" involves getting smaller Botox treatments with longer intervals between appointments than would be considered traditional. It ensures a natural-looking result, one that won't make people question whether or not you've had a Botox treatment at all.

As Nick Milojevic, MD, owner and lead practitioner at leading Harley Street practice, Milo Clinic, told the publication, "The baby Botox treatments involve tiny doses of Botox, which are injected into the usual areas-lips, forehead-but longer gaps are left between treatments and whereas in the past women would ask for two or three syringes per treatment, now I'm more likely to recommend one or even half a syringe. This means more movement is present in the face." In other words, it's all about subtlety. Gone are the days of rigid, shiny, and frozen post-Botox complexions. Plus, fewer treatments and smaller amounts of Botox mean you get to save some cash, too.

"I saw a good few patients attend my practice in 2017 armed with an image of Kylie Jenner," he said. "But in all honesty, it is not a fantastic representation of what lip treatments can achieve. 2018 will definitely see a more natural lip that aligns with the other features of the face without dominating the face. We have Meghan Markle to thank for that, with her beautifully natural yet full lips." Even into 2019, the low-key beauty trends continue.

This cosmetic treatment trend prediction follows suit with others that we've seen. Take 2018's makeup trend report, for instance. Top makeup artists have predicted that 2018 will be the year we leave the heavy, blinding highlight behind in favor of something more subtle. That's just like how top hairstylists are seeing a resurgence of traditional brunette shades for 2018. These trends continued into 2019, with many opting for more subtle, natural makeup, and hair looks.

Maybe it's the year of starting fresh and opting for drama-free beauty? Who knows, but it's inspiring us to go back to basics.