7 Incredible Podcasts That Help You Feel Peaceful

@ikeauk / Instagram

Wellness is a term we use a lot these days and can cover a plethora of subjects. Today, however, we're talking about the best wellness podcasts and how they can improve your life. While we all know that everyone is obsessed with the big true crime podcasts (Serial, S-Town, et al), they're not always ideal for when you're trying to sleepВ or just feel more relaxed. Instead, we've got seven different podcasts that will help you chill out or fall asleep quickly. From bedtime stories to funny podcasts that help increase your serotonin, we've got everything you need.

1. Sleep With Me


Ever find that your mind is racing and you can't get the day's thoughts out of your mind? Or maybe you've got stuck in a bad habit of keeping Netflix on until you fall asleep and now need some "noise" to help you get back to sleep? If that's the case then you need to listen to Sleep With Me. The podcast is essentially one chap,В Drew Ackerman, reading nonsense to you until you fall asleep. And it really works.

2. Meditation Break With Mary Phelan


If that's still not working and you're struggling to sleep, then there is one sure-fire way to get your body to fall asleep: try a body scan. I recently discovered this when I couldn't sleep and didn't even get to the end of it, and it's only 12 minutes long. While there are plenty of episodes in Mary Phelan's Meditation Break podcast, the "Sleep" version is what you need to fall asleep quickly.

3. My Dad Wrote a Porno


It's unlikely that you haven't heard of My Dad Wrote a Porno, but if you're completely baffled by it, allow us to explain what it is. When Jamie Morton's dad wrote some erotic fiction, he decided to share it with his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. It was so hilariously bad, they made it into a podcast. As incredible as you can imagine. Plus, all that laughter does wonders for your serotonin levels.

4. The Daily Meditation Podcast


The Daily Meditation podcast offers up sessions on how to improve your daily life. Whether that's to build up your confidence or increase your self-love, there's plenty to choose from. Either listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.

5. Desert Island Discs


The classic Radio 4 show, hosted by Kirsty Young, is just the kind of thing you need to help you feel relaxed and give yourself some much-needed time out.В Not only is Young's voice utterly soothing, it's a great way to hear all about your favorite celebrity's life or just an opportunity to listen to leaders in other fields and their life experiences. Always fascinating.

6. This American Life


If true crime stories are your way to chill out, then This American Life might be the right sort of podcast for you. Sure, it doesn't sound like a traditional method of relaxation but if you just need to take your mind off something and delve into a different world, this is it.

7. Miette's Bedtime Story


Want to hark back to your childhood and just hear a great bedtime story? Or perhaps you just want something a bit more fun to lull you into a deep sleep? Miette's bedtime stories are ones you might know and others you've never heard of but are guaranteed to help you sleep.