The Under-the-Radar Hair Product European Models Swear By

Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images

If there's one beauty look that will never go out of style, it's one that's fresh, natural, and effortless. Hence the long-standing fascination with skincare strategies that promise to leave skin dewy and glowing sans concealerВ and no-makeup makeup tricksВ for that extra oomph of "natural" allure. When it comes to achieving this level of fresh-faced beauty, nobody does it better than models off duty.

For the past handful of fashion weeks, I've worked as a casting assistant.В This past New York fashion week,В I finally asked the girls to spill their secrets to getting a tousled, unstyled look. Models fell in either one of two categories-those who didn't use any product on their hair whatsoever and those who used just a little bit.

Going the first route makes sense from a model standpoint, as theyВ are supposed to arrive at castings looking natural, and manyВ of them worried about getting product on the clothes during fittings. "What about the oil when you're trying on samples?" one said after hearing that a trio of models all added product to their tresses. Yet, when the girls who gaveВ their locks that extra something explained their strategy, it seemed like theВ au naturalВ models wouldn't hesitate to get on board.

Keep scrolling to discover the three products recommended by models to get that enviable off-duty look.

Estel Hair Beauty Elixir for Hair Ends $12Shop

Eastern European models swore by this brand's nourishing product to smooth their hair and repair split ends. "A few drops on damp hair, just on the ends" does the trick to tame tresses and continue protecting strands throughout the day.

KГ©rastase Discipline OlГ©o-Curl $21Shop

Curly-haired girls confessed they'd apply a bit of a curl cream after washing to reduce frizz and keep their curls hydrated in the cold.

Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil $52Shop

Models who hadn't heard of Estel used argan oil in a similar way.В Just two to three drops applied to wet strands at the tips help to seal their hair cuticles, restore moisture,В and protect their strands throughout the day.

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