This Model-Loved Makeup Brand Will Officially Sponsor the 2018 VS Fashion Show

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The glossy runway of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is about as glamorous as it gets. Shiny strands; lacquered, plumped-up pouts; lashes reaching to the stars… В Out-of-this-world, ethereal makeup is a Victoria's Secret staple and just about as synonymous with the show as the jaw-dropping lingerie. Thus, it's only fitting one of the sultriest, most all-around showstopping makeup brands of the moment serves as this year's official sponsor. You heard it here first:В Models at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will exclusivelyВ wear Charlotte Tilbury's collection of cult-favoriteВ makeup products. Quite the feat, mind you, considering the brand is just five years old, which isВ relatively young in industry speak. Oh, and did we mention Tilbury is set to bring back two limited-edition products to complete the Angels' official glow? We die.В

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

This year's fashion show will take place in New York City and will be seen be seen in over 180 countries worldwide. Plus, in order to glean a more up-close-and-personal look into the high-glam makeup prep for the event, fans can sign up for exclusive backstage access to follow Tilbury's runway magic. (Click here!)В

"I am beyond excited to officially announce that I am the exclusive makeup sponsor of the heavenly, world-famous, iconic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018, in one of my favorite cities-New York!" Tilbury celebrated via press release. "I have worked at this incredible, legendary show before and the dreamy, gorgeous supermodels have inspired the beauty DNA for so many of my magical products-from the perfect pouts to glowing goddess eyes! It is a dream come true to be doing Victoria's Secret show makeup this year with my brand, on our fifth birthday, with the world's most heavenly models that are a dream to work with!"

Now, we did press the brand to see if we might be able to gain any intel as to the exact products expected to adorn all of our favorite Angels, but as of right now, that information is being kept mum. However, we will likely have an update closer to the actual show-sit tight! In the meantime, we're dishing up eight of Team Byrdie's all-time favorite products from the brand and sharing exactly why we love them. Enjoy!

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Highlighting Palette $58Shop

I've been stubbornly devoted to the same powder highlighter for years. Sure, I've tried plenty of others I like just fine, but never have I ever found another I've actuallyВ loved. Until now. And truth be told, I'm not surprised it was Charlotte (the glowing goddess of the makeup industry) who ultimately proved to be my old favorite's undoing. A hot-and-heavy favorite (and super-fast sellout), the gold shade was previously served to makeup lovers as a single, but earlier this month, the brand re-released itВ in a pack of three alongside two other covetable tints. To be honest, I use all three on my face at once (they're so complementary to each other) and focus each hue on different planes of my face for a super-dimensional finish. Magically, it never looks overdone.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl $34Shop

"This brown-red hue doesn't wash me out or make me look like a '90s J.Lo devotee. It has a soft, barely discernible purple undertone that makes it the perfect complement to my yellow-based complexion. The shade doesn't scream, 'Look at me!' but rather brings out the depth of color in my natural lip color.В Unlike other matte lipsticks, it applies smooth as silk and leaves a soft, velvet finish. Never drying or flake-inducing, it feels a bit like swathing your lips in a thin cashmere shawl, one that you can apply without a mirror-yes, truly-as you're running out the door." - Faith Xue, editorial director

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer $32Shop

"When I tried Charlotte Tilbury's new concealer, everything changed. Namely, all my pores disappeared. I also stopped wearing foundation. And now I think I'm obsessed with concealer.В This new liquid concealer comes in a sleek wand and features a sponge-tipped applicator with a pointed tip that makes it super easy to swipe in the crevices of your face. The very special thing about this particular concealer, however, is the formula.В It's just the right amount of matte and creamy where it won't appear chalky or cakey even if you apply multiple layers.В It's made with something fancy called Persian silk tree bark extract, which has a gummy texture that gives this concealer the crazy stretch ability it has." - Faith Xue

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath in Refresh Rose $35Shop

"Inspired by theВ filters certain apps offer to plump up your lips, Charlotte Tilbury's formula envelops your lips with firming marine collagen for a hybrid experience that feels just as much like a treatment as it does makeup. Mustard sprout extract hydrates, plumps, and enhances lip volume to define the contours of your lips and create a fuller appearance while a blend of coconut oil and peppermint extract nourish, soften, and create a cool, fresh feeling directly after you apply. Then, the pearlescent pigments come into play, offering a milky, pink sheen that reflects light, making your lips look fuller, wider, and, IMHO, certainly more enticing." - Hallie Gould, senior editor

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Medium to Dark $68Shop

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski says she uses this bronzing and highlighter duo as an essential part of her glowy, five-minute makeup routine. Um, do we really need to elaborate?

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter $44Shop

"I take pride in knowing exactly how to perfect my face makeup so that every blemish is magically hidden and every pore looks invisible. So anytime a new product comes my way that promises to give my face a 'flawless filter,' I'm skeptical, intrigued, and excited at the same time for its test drive. The result of this illuminator is the ultimate glow-up. It gives my makeup a lit-from-within look and is always in my back pocket when I need my glow to be turned up a notch." - Maya Allen, assistant editor

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation $44Shop

"The velvety formula is full coverage yet feels completely weightless. It's also chock-full of every bit as many anti-aging and protective benefits as your favorite moisturizer.В It's un-be-lievable.В Charlotte Tilbury worked for five years to create this product. She listened to the skin concerns of women (discoloration, redness, cystic acne, dullness, texture, et al.) and truly formulated a product that coversВ anything. It primes, color-corrects, and conceals, too." - Hallie Gould

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner $22Shop

According to Tilbury, this epic liner (a favorite of wellness editor Victoria Hoff) is her stealthy secret for instantly increasing the volume of models' pouts-no injections required. "By tracing the natural outline of your lips, you can completely reshape and resize the Cupid's bow, as well as any asymmetrical unevenness in an instant," she explains. "I'm obsessed with my Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk-it mimics and enhances the natural hue of the lips, so you can cheat a perfect, pillowy pout in seconds.”

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