TokyoMilk Is the Japanese Fragrance Brand You Haven't Tried Yet (But Should)

Every so often, a new and novel brand comes to fruition, and you find yourself feeling like a kid in a candy store. We've professed our love for jasmine fragrances, one particular Le Labo offering, as well as the perfumes we turn to when we're in the mood for a bit of seduction. We've tried intoxicating French perfumes and reviewed Glossier's solid option.

But this time, the TokyoMilk website is the aforementioned "candy store." The label creates full and bold scents as well as light and airy ones. Each one feels special and uncommon, from the name to the packaging to the coveted eau. Below, find our top five favorite TokyoMilk scents to try.

TokyoMilk Dead Sexy No. 6 Parfum $30Shop

I'm a sucker for good marketing, so I couldn't help but immediately gravitate toward the Dead Sexy offering first. I want to smell like anything labeled "dead sexy." But first impressions aside, the deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, and ebony notes kept me hooked. It's ethereal and romantic with a bit of warm, spicy mystery complete with a glass bottle and skull and crossbones.

TokyoMilk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum $30Shop

Yet another fragrance with a name that feels decidedly me, TokyoMilk's French Kiss offers hints of mandarin, tuberose, gardenia, and vetiver. It's fresh, well-balanced, subtle, and really alluring. Basically, it's like a French love affair in a bottle-and that, I can get behind.

TokyoMilk Light Collection and Soul No. 01 $42Shop

Pressed oolong tea leaves and bamboo reed are blended with orchid and white muskВ to create a crisp, refreshingВ scent we can't live without it. It's slightly powdery (but more in a fancy way than an overpowering way).

TokyoMilk Gin & Rosewater No. 12 Parfum $30Shop

For a whiff of citrus zest, rosewood, mimosa, and mandarin, opt for TokyoMilk's Gin & Rosewater varietal. It's happy, uplifting, and light, all the while sort of like the fragrance version of a watercolor painting.

TokyoMilk Honey & the Moon No. 10 Parfum $30Shop

With summer weather right around the corner (hopefully), there's nothing lovelier than surrounding yourself with bright, sweet scents. Though, this one is subtler, more floral, and warmer than it is candy-coated. Housed in this little glass bottle is honey, sugared violet, jasmine, and sandalwood.