This Winter Foundation Hack Gave Me Skin Like a Glow Worm-Here's How


Summer just agrees with me. My hair is bouncier, mood is chirpier, and eyes are clearer. Not to mention my skin. Summer brings about a clear,В glowy, honeyed complexion that I just can't seem to carry into the cooler months. That is, until now. I've finally found it-the unicorn product I've been searching for that gives me a glow not even central heating can zap. Surprisingly, it's not skincare, but rather a primer/illuminator hybrid that imparts dewy radiance even Gywneth Paltrow would be envious of.В

Dying of curiosity yet? Keep scrolling.В

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter $65Shop

So, Charlotte Tilbury'sВ Hollywood Flawless Filter ($65) is, IMHO, the I was a little confused when I first received it (is it highlighter, do you mix with foundation, or use it as a primer?), but, partial to a good multi-purpose product, I tried it each way, and this is what I came up with: As a primer, I found it just a tad too shimmery (others might love this though). But, when I mixed a small amount with my regular foundation-the It Cosmetics CC Cream-and tapped extra onto the high points of my face, I was floored. My skin looked ethereal, but not in an I-just-bathed-in-molten-glitter kind of way. It was subdued, not to sparkly, and more a dewy, lit-from-within kinda' finish.

As for longevity? I looked like a baby cherub all day long. I even wore it on an interstate flight-still glowing when I landed. I even posted a photo below, so you can get the glow-vibe I'm trying to describe here.В

Courtesy of Emily Algar

Here, I'm using shade medium, but there's seven shades in total, meaning every skin tone can get amongst it. No longer does winter mean crepey, flaky, slightly grey-ish skin for me (or you, if you take my advice). I suggest you get one in your makeup kit, stat.В