The Founder of Caudalie Skincare Says French Girls Always Do This in the Winter

Mathilde Thomas is the founder of one of our favorite skincare brands, Caudalie. She-like the brand itself-embodies the hallmark French spirit of effortless and natural beauty. (Just look at her flawless complexion, which radiates a certain joie de vivre even in the midst of the harsh NYC elements). Naturally, we wanted to know a little bit more about her beauty philosophy, including the exact products and habits she uses to protect and nourish her skin in the cold winter weather.

Here, she tells us just that, discussing her best tips and tricks with our editorial director, Faith Xue. Whether she inspires you to become your own skincare "mixologist," or to supercharge the moisturizer you already own, her advice might just bring your dull or flaky cold-weather complexion back to life. Watch the full video to hear everything Mathilde Thomas has to say about French girl winter skincare.

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