Just Five Things: Olivia Culpo Tells Us Her 5 Favorite Beauty Products

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You likely know Olivia Culpo as a model, a street style star, and Miss Universe 2012-but did you know that she is also extremely savvy when it comes to makeup and skincare? Over the past couple years, Culpo has divulged to us her secret to clear skin, how she maintains perfectly manicured brows, and her everyday makeup routine. And since by example, she's clearly quite the authority on all things beauty-related, we thought it high time to tap Culpo forВ Just Five Things, our video series in which we ask top influencers to tell us their favorite of-the-moment beauty products.

Among her everyday essentials are a Ghd hair dryer (the girl understands the importance of a good blowout), a neutral-colored lip liner, and a jar of organic coconut oil. For more of Culpo's off-duty beauty must-haves, watch the video above.

Opening Image: Michael Kavoc/Getty Images