Which In-Salon Hair Repair Treatments Work Best? We Try Them

The quest for shiny, healthy hair that doesn't break or shed like a dog is lifelong-especially if you're in the habit of color-treating and heat styling your hair. (Guilty!) Of course, there are plenty of at-home hair treatments that work incredibly well to nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate damaged strands. (Read our reviews ofВ five DIY hair treatments here.) But just like an in-office facial with an esthetician can heal your skin like you never could by yourself, sometimes it's worth seeing a haircare professional.

In the salon, stylists have access to equipment and formulas that aren't sold over-the-counter. Plus, they can evaluate your hair's needs with precision and suggest the most appropriate service. Ideally, you walk out of the salon with shinier, stronger hair that lasts long-term. But does the reality always line up with ourВ expectations?

To find out, we grabbedВ three hair-obsessed editors from the Byrdie team and tried some of the most popular hair repair treatments offered by salons.В Keep scrolling to read our reviews of Olaplex, Joico LumiShine, and other in-salon hair treatments!


"I bleach the living daylight out of my hair, so in order to keep my strandsВ from all falling out, I've actually started doing Olaplex treatments every time my miracle-working colorist Matt Rez touches up my highlights. OlaplexВ isВ a bond-multiplying system that helps keep the hair strong from the inside out. It can be mixed with the highlighting productВ to make it less damagingВ or used on its own as aВ strengthening treatment.В

Meet the Expert

Matt Rez is a celebrity colorist from MГЁche Salon in Beverly Hills, CA and is a Redken Color Ambassador. His clients include Ashley Benson, Olivia Holt, and Camila Mendes as well as featured in Allure, Refinery 29, and WhoWhatWear.

"For suicide blondes like myself, Olaplex is absolutely lifesaving. Before I started receiving this treatment, my ends would be utterly fried after getting fresh highlights, and my hair would shed like crazy. Now my hair is shinyВ when I leave the salon and never looks or feels scorched. Plus, every time I get a blowout or haircut, stylists remark at how strong my hair is forВ being so color-treated."В - Amanda, associate features editor

In-salonВ price: $75

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment $25Shop

KГ©rastase Fusio-Dose

"The entire Fusio-Dose experience is a really unique one. First, it's slightly frightening in that they use this machine to take super-up-close photographs of each of your strands. From there, they can diagnose any ailments-for me, it was dryness, breakage, and color damage-and mix up a customВ cocktail for your hair. Then, it's all luxury. You sit back while they massage in the treatment, and let your hair soak it all up. Afterward, I couldn't stop touching my hair. It was softer than ever before (my hair isВ neverВ soft), shiny, and visibly stronger. The best part? You don't have to pay a ton at a fancy salon to try the treatment. They have them available at DreamDry as an addition to your blowout."В - Hallie Gould, senior editor

In-salonВ price: $30

KГ©rastase Masque Elixir Ultime $65Shop


"Inphenom's in-salon treatment is performed right after you get your hair colored and can be done in three or five steps. But if you wantВ the shiniest, healthiest hair possible, spring for the five-step.В I received thisВ treatment from theВ lovely Erycka Ferreti, colorist at Ramirez Tran salon in Los Angeles, who says that she doesn't 'let any of her clients leave the salon without an Inphenom five-step treatment.' Once you experience the results, you'll see why.

Meet the Expert

Erycka Ferreti is a colorist at Ramirez | Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. Training under the Ramirez team for three years, Ferreti has freelanced for photoshoots and runway shows.

"Similar to Olaplex, Inphenom closes the cuticle of your hair to protect theВ color and lock in moisture, making your hair look shiny and vibrant for much longer.В If you have color-damaged hair that's prone to frizz, the treatment will make an especially big difference, as it miraculously works to cut down on blow-dry time, too. After receiving an Inphenom treatment, you'll notice softer, stronger hair right afterward and in the weeks to come."В - Amanda

In-salonВ price: $75

Inphenom Hair Treatment $30Shop

Joico LumiShine

"My hair is pretty healthy and is decently shiny. Generally, I'm not too concerned with the condition of my hair. At least, I didn't know I needed to be until I saw and felt my hair after this treatment. The difference inВ shineВ and smoothness was instantly noticeable. And my blond lookedВ worldsВ better. I didn't know I was walking around with yellow hair until I saw my tresses post-LumiShine-it was actually a little unsettling to realize how badly my hair needed a gloss. (It's a clear gloss, but your stylist can customize it if you're color needs a little boost like my month-old highlights did.)

"I've had glosses before, and my hair always looks good afterward (better than it did pre-treatment for sure), but this time was different. Leaving the salon, I felt like a new woman. Truthfully, I was more impressed by the brightening, color-correcting effect the treatment had on my highlights,В butВ then I started getting compliments on how shiny my hair looked-a lot of them. For weeks after the treatment, graciously accepting hair praise became my new way of life. TheВ shineВ is supposed to last up to 30 shampoos. I'm probably 10 shampoos shy of that mark, and my hair isn't as shiny as the day I left the salon, but it's still looking pretty impressive."В - Deven Hopp, beauty director

In-salonВ price:В Varies by location

Joico LumiShine Volume Cream Developer $13Shop

Wen Re-Moist

"Wen's luxurious Re-Moist treatment is the route to choose if you want to keep the process all-natural. The treatment is customized according to your hair's needs and uses a combo of the brand's famous cleansing conditioners, essential oils, vitamins, herbs, and vegetable color to heal your scalp and strands.

"The process takes about 45 minutesВ (not including the blowout you get afterward). My treatment included a small dose of vegetable color to enhanceВ my blond highlights, and afterward, that's the main thing I noticed: a brighter, refreshed blond using all-natural ingredients. Which was very impressive.

"Wen's approachВ is to load up your hair with lots of nourishing products, so by the time I left the salon, it definitely felt like there was a lot of product in my hair. But I receivedВ tons of compliments on how bright and shiny it looked for the rest of the day."В - Amanda

In-salonВ price: $50

Wen Bamboo Green Tea Re-Moist Hydrating Mask $80Shop