Is Your Period Affecting Your Sense of Smell?

Have you ever noticed that your sense of smell changes during certain times of the month? Or maybe you've not even realized it's your time of the month that's affecting it, but one week you love a fragrance, and the next you can't stand the smell of it? You're not alone. Because it turns out that your hormones can affect your sense of smell. Yes, really.В

ResearchВ shows that different hormones impact both how we smell, and what we're smelling. According to a study carried out by theВ Institute of Psychology,В the ups and downs of estrogen and progesterone throughout our menstrual cycleВ canВ make us more sensitized to scent.В

Expectant mothersВ often find their sense of smellВ can change during pregnancyВ (as do menopausal women), so it makes sense thatВ our sense of smell can be altered by hormone fluctuations throughout the month, too.В

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Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of Hormonology, shared some seriously interestingВ research on exactly how the different cycles of your period can affect your sense of smell.

Week #1 (Menstruation)

Starting from the first day of your period (to dayВ seven in your cycle), your estrogen levels are at their lowest, rising day by day. Your sense of smell starts off fairly low and rises through the week- meaning you'reВ fairly indifferent to scentВ throughout this week.В

Week 2 (Follicular Phase)

Estrogen peaks during the second week of your cycle, as does your sense of smell. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll despise all smells-in fact, it could be a week in which your heightened senses mean youВ loveВ certain fragrances. But, because you'll be picking up on fragrance notes that you might usually miss, it could mean that you dislike fragrances that you usually tend to like.В

Week 3 (Follicular Phase)

During the third week of your cycle, estrogen levels slowly start to drop off while progesterone and testosterone rise. Interestingly,В some researchers believe that we tend to crave fatty foods around this time of the month as our sense of smell is heightened to specifically pick up calorie-dense food (in order to prepare our bodies for pregnancy). Humans are clever.В

Week 4 (Luteal Phase)

During the last week of your cycle, your estrogen levels plummet, which is why you can often getВ easily annoyedВ around this time. This irritability isВ often spiked by heightened senses in general (loud noises, unpleasant tastes, etc.), therefore if you smell a strong scent during this time, you might be more likely to feel overpowered by it and dislike it.В

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If you find that your sense of smell is affected by your time of the month, not to worry. ThisВ Japanese study found that lavender might actually help to ease PMS symptoms. So if you're feeling irritable, tryВ surrounding yourself with one of these.

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