I Can't Stop Talking About This Lighter-Than-Air Liquid Highlighter


Every month, about aВ billion new products pass my desk. I definitely pause to take a peek at everything, but there'sВ only a select bunch that especially pique my interest. Maybe it's a new foundation formula, or a mask that is delivered to the skin via magnetism (true story, more below), but when I find the new launches that actually deliver, I always feel compelled to share. Hence the below list. July is a great time to play with new beauty toys, seeing as we spend maximum time either in air conditioning, or outside braving the elements. Either way, it makes a new hydrating face mist, orВ glow-boosting highlighter all the more appealing.В

So, keep scrolling for my edit of all the best new launches I've had the pleasure of trying over the last two months. Some quirky, some classic-all really, really good.В

Giorgio Armani Armani Highlight $68Shop

Lighter than air, this liquid highlighter is soft, fluid, and buildable. It gives skin a healthy sheen rather than sparkle, and melts into makeup or bare skin beautifully. Pat generously across cheekbones, eyelids, and cupid's bow for a radiant, angelic complexion.В

Gucci Bloom Hair Mist $65Shop

I mean, who on Earth would pass up on the opportunity to wear a Gucci hair fragrance? Not me. Light and sweet, this white floral juice lingers just enough so that every hair flip is a special one. If you prefer softer scents, it works beautifully misted onto knitwear too.В

Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist $128Shop

Fact: Aircon is to skin what chocolate is to dogs-very, very bad. It sucks moisture like a Dyson, leaving you dehydrated and crepey. I've been misting this Omorovicza blend onto my skin periodically throughout the day, and it really helps with keeping skin fresh and bouncy thanks to the inclusion of oils and plant stem cells. Fancy and fun to use? Yes.В

Oribe Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment $69Shop

Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this cream will help anyone with an irritated or flaky scalp. ItВ can be used on wet or dry hair, but if you're a little on the finer side, I'd suggest only applying to wet hair. I actually found it really helpful at smoothing baby hairs around my forehead, too.В

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette $30Shop

I had actually been lusting over a lilac eyeshadow, and then Maybelline went and launched this perfect, budget-friendly palette. You can do your eyes and highlight all at once, and the pastel shades are really pretty. I love the rose hues over my eyelid, with a touch of the gold highlight in the corner.В

RMS Beauty Peach Luminizer $55Shop

I've worn the RMS Living Luminizer for most of my adult life, so the fact that it now comes in Peach is so exciting. It's a little less frosty than the OG, and is all I'll be wearing come summer (paired with a peachy-toned lip balm, and Nars Laguna Bronzer).В

Neutrogena Youth Boost Hydrogel Mask $6Shop

It's fair to say I am IMPRESSED with Neutrogena's latest launches in the face mask department. This gel sheet ticks all of the boxes: Plumps with hyaluronic acid, reduces fine lines, and sticks while I do the vacuuming. Also, it's $6. A win, in my opinion.В

Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious Glide $30Shop

This only launched days ago, and already it has nine 5-star reviews. It's got all the shea butter goodness of the original Lip De-Luscious, without the need to stick your finger in the pot. The shade "Natural" gives the illusion of a fuller, more hydrated pout.В

Lanolips Coconutter Body Milk $23Shop

I'm a tough critic when it comes to body creams, but Lanolips' Coconutter Body Milk ticks all the boxes. The light, silky formula absorbs within seconds, leaving my skin feeling soft without a hint of oiliness. It also packs a serious hydration punch, thanks to a combination of lanolin, coconut oil, and vitamin E. And with a subtle coconut scent, I can pretend it's not 11 degrees outside. Summer skin in winter? Yes, please.

Milk & Co Body Oil $13Shop

This smells like heaven after a warm shower before bed thanks to the soft lavender scent. I've found a regular cream isn't enough to keep my legs and elbows hydrated during winter, so this certainly helps.В

OGX Pomegranate and Ginger Shampoo $18Shop

Even in winter, I suffer fromВ oily, limp hair, but this new offering from OGX is great. With a refreshing ginger and pomegranate scent, the shampoo and conditioner duo are as softening as they are detoxifying, meaning I've got volume without dryness. Think just-been-washed-at-the-salon clean, at a fraction of the cost.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil $140Shop


Votary is a luxe, plant-based British skincare brand that's finally launching in Australia next month. One of the hero products is this super seed facial oil, and I actually find it similar to the Vitner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. It's loaded with a stack of nourishing plant oils designed to calm, reduce inflammation, and hydrate. It's also such a beautiful, sensorial product to apply.В

Launches August.В

Olay Magnemasks Infusion Hydrating Starter Kit $55Shop

Just when you thought masking couldn't get any better, Olay one-up us all and launch a product that uses magnets to push ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. I can attest that it works, too-after a few minutes of awkwardly moving the magnet handle across the product on my face, it was completely absorbed. Also, my skin was spongy and softer. The range is selling like crazy so I'm clearly not the only one who's a fan!В

This Works Evening Detox Spray-On Exfoliant $55Shop

Just when I thought lazy-girl beauty couldn't go any further, This Works went and launched a spray-on exfoliant. Because of the high concentration of salicylic acid, it's perfect for anyone who lives or works in a highly-polluted area (hello, Sydney), as it unclogs pores and dissolves dead skin cells. Just spray onto a cotton pad a few nights a week, and sweep over your face and neck. Follow with moisturiser, and you're done.В

Words by Emily Algar and Coco Sandes.В