Every Single Product This Beauty Editor Is Road-Testing For Winter


After what felt like an endless summer, theВ throes of winter are undoubtedly upon us. I've officially changed my sheets from linen to flannelette, traded silk robes for terry toweling, my slides for boots, and it feels weird (I'm a summer baby through and through). Naturally, when the seasons change, I also switch up some of my beauty products to better suit the cool, damp weather, but it's never without a lot of trial and error that I finally settle on a core routine. Right now, I'm in the process of weeding out the new-season buys that actually work, and I've managed to whittle it down to a list of 14 that you'll find below. There's everything from scalp scrub to hair oil, so you too can continue to be your most hydrated, glossy self this winter. From me to you, you're welcome. Scroll on to shop.В

Avene TriXera Nutri-Fluid Cleanser $25Shop

I won't lie and try to pretend that shower gel is a sexy beauty product, but it's important, especially when it's mid-July, and the skin on my legs is so flaky it falls onto the bathroom tiles when I peel off my jeans (not hot, I know). French brand Avene has long been a go-to of mine when it comes to skincare, and this soon-to-launch face and body wash is on current rotation. Soap free and great for those prone to allergies, it gently cleanses minus the tight, dry feeling.В

Launches June 18.В

Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask $85Shop

This leave-on mask contains lactic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin c to gently exfoliate and brighten dull skin that's been ravaged by the elements. It's one of those products that gives immediate results, so it's perfect before a big event (or if there's a chance you'll bump into your ex).В

Eve Lom Radiance Face Mist $66Shop

This is my current anti-air conditioning weapon of choice, and for a mist, it's really effective. It's loaded with magnesium, copper, and zinc to protect the skin from external aggressors, and smells like rose water. It gives my skin a nice dewy finish too, so it's a great makeup setting mist.В

Fresh Rose Face Mask $88Shop

I don't know about you, but my winter is characterized by many Saturday nights spent at home watching Netflix with a face mask on, and thisВ lush pick from Fresh is a current favorite. It's a great gel formula that smells like a florist and leaves skin calm, hydrated, and bouncy.В

IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel $29Shop

IGK is a cult US brand that's finally dropped in Australian Sephora stores, and all of the hype had me very excited to try it. My pick is this coconut oil gel, that's actually more of a weightless liquid you apply to damp hair for a glossy but textured vibe. Think less Kate Moss and more Gigi Hadid. I find it works best applied in damp hair before rough drying. I finish with a little Oribe Texture Spray, and I'm done.В

L'Occitane Shea Melting Butter $45Shop

This is, without a doubt, the thickest moisturizer I've ever come across. The first time I used it, I applied it to my hands, and I was stuck for about 15 minutes while I attempted to remove it with paper towel (not even soap would cut through). The second time, I used it on my feet before bed (with a thick pair of socks) and elbows, and it was magic. It's 70 percent shea butter, so it's seriously nourishing on really dry, chapped skin. It's actually an ace cuticle balm, too.В

Nivea Micellair Eye Makeup Remover $10Shop

Ah Nivea, my old friend-always impressing me with your affordable skincare offerings. At $10 a pop, this is a great find for removing eye makeup without greasy residue. I like it paired with my regular micellar water to get rid of stubborn mascara and eyeliner.В

Playa Ritual Hair Oil $55Shop

Another cult US brand that I finally got my hot little hands on, Playa is the epitome of Cali-girl hair, and I'm here for it. I'm not normally one for oils, but aВ recent shoot we did with Jen Atkin has me inspired to try a sleek bun, and this Ritual Hair Oil is the perfect addition. It also protects from UV, which is great if you spend a bomb on your hair color.В

R + Co Crown Scalp Scrub $38Shop

Forgive me for hitting the hair product bandwagon hard right now, but there's so many amazing new launches that I'm relying on for good hair days this season, and I'm just trying to spread the good word. Occasionally I'll OD on styling product, and this scrub is the perfect way to remove build up and start a fresh. Use once a week for bouncy strands not even the weather can dampen.В

Rodin Oilo Lusso Lavender Absolute Crema Luxury Hand & Body Cream $66Shop

Luxe? Yes. Necessary? Not completely. An absolute delight to whip out on the train to work? 100 percent. While it might be on the expensive side, this hand cream is a treat to use, and honestly-the lavender accents, the soft scent-it's worth it (also, veryВ Instagrammable).В

Sisley Ecological Compound $125Shop

If wind and low humidity often leave you red, itchy, and a little compromised in the skin barrier department, this will make a great addition to your routine. Enriched with botanical extracts like hops, rosemary, and ginseng, it will help your face defend itself from the elements. I find the texture is super light and milky,В meaning it's easy to layer it into your existing routine.В

Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil $30Shop

A silky blend of rose-hip, sweet almond, and grape seed, this cleansing oil froths up just enough for makeup to literally dissolve, leaving you with smooth, clean, and nourished skin. I find it works best when massaged into dry skin, and emulsified with just a little water.В

Stray Bean Garden Greens Body Scrub $20Shop

Another antidote to dry, scaly skin for winter is coffee scrub, and I'm partial to this newbie from Australian brand Stray Bean. It's got the benefits of ground coffee with the addition of kale powder, avocado oil, lemongrass, and lime for a zingy shower experience that will leave you smooth and prepped for a good slather of moisturizer. The brand recommend it after a gym sesh, and I couldn't agree more.В