7 Beauty Hacks for the Supremely Lazy Girl

Since the beginning of time, society has shamed lazy girls into keeping their laissez-faire habits hush-hush. But today, we're taking a stand and celebrating the fact that sometimes, just because you do less, doesn't mean you don't do it as well-in fact, the opposite often proves quite true. Here's to celebrating the glint of genius behind every lazy-or rather, resourceful-decision you've ever made!
Keep scrolling for seven beauty hacks even the laziest girls will appreciate!

Problem: You Can't Remember the Last Time You Deep Conditioned Your Dry, Thirsty Strands

The Lazy Girl Hack: Use Coconut Oil-and Do It While You Work Out
We have to thank our resident hair expert Jen Atkin for this tip. Next time you hit the gym, slather some coconut oil-our favorite do-everything moisturizer-through your strands and toss it in a topknot. Then, just spin, run, and tread away to your heart's content. At the end of your workout, undo your bun and wash the coconut oil out-your hair will be shiny and silky-soft without any extra effort!

Problem: Your Eye Makeup Smudged and You're Too Lazy to Start Over

The Lazy Girl Hack: Use Eye Cream as a Magic Eraser
Imagine this: you're nearly done with your painstaking cat eye, but one little jostle leaves your perfect line looking squiggly-and worse, your makeup remover is nowhere to be found. Most lazy girls might be tempted to give up and call it a lost cause-after all, who's got the time (and energy) to start all over? Enter: eye cream. Just take a Q-tip, dab it in your eye cream, and use it to erase eye makeup in one fell swoop. Plus, it'll help de-puff and brighten-two things even the laziest of girls can appreciate.

Problem: Your Brows Are a Mess and Brow Gel Is Nowhere to Be Found


The Lazy Girl Hack: Reach for Your Lip Balm
In this situation, you can do one of two things: resign yourself to wild, unruly brows and brace yourself for alarming looks from strangers all day, or get resourceful. We choose the latter. Lip balm is the perfect texture for brow-taming-swipe some on, then use a spooly to brush your rebellious brows in place. So much easier than, say, going all the way across the street to buy new brow gel.

Problem: You Think Smoky Eyes Require Too Much Effort

The Lazy Girl Hack: Just Use Three Products (And Lots of Smudging)
We picked up this trick from celebrity makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, who told us he uses only three products to create a subtle daytime smoky eye: a chocolate brown eye pencil (he likes the Magic Kajal in Brun D'Exception, $28, by Givenchy), an eyeliner brush, and an inky mascara.

Problem: Your Nails Are Stained From Your Favorite Navy Polish

The Lazy Girl Hack: Grab Your Toothbrush
You may have heard that soaking your digits in water water and lemon juice will help lift the stains, but let's be real-who's got time for that? Instead, grab an extra toothbrush (we recommend not using the one you use to actually brush your teeth), squeeze on some whitening toothpaste, then scrub your nails. The hydrogen peroxide will help lift stains in a pinch.

Problem: You Don't Have Time for Face Masks

The Lazy Girl Hack: Do It in Your Shower
Okay, so this might not technically be defined as a hack, but we think it's a pretty genius idea anyway. As much as we would all like the time to lay back with a luxurious face mask on three times a week, the reality is usually a far cry from that-very, very far from that. But that doesn't mean your face has to suffer-instead, slather on your favorite face mask before you step into your shower (we recommend doing this on days when you skip shampooing, for obvious reasons). Shave, exfoliate, and cleanse as you would normally, rinse it off at the end of your shower, and say hello to clean, glowing skin!

В Problem: Your Trashcan Is a Graveyard of Post-Toner Cotton Balls

The Lazy Girl Hack: Get Spritz-Happy
If putting on toner with a cotton ball is becoming too much effort (no judgment), grab an empty spray bottle from any beauty supply, and pour your toner into that instead. Then, just spritz away and bask in your genius laziness!
Have you tried any of these lazy girl hacks? Got any more of your own to share? Tell us below!