Question: Is This a Photo of Bella Hadid or Jennifer Lawrence?

Courtesy of Dior

The image you see above is from a DiorВ ad campaign. Let us remind you that two of the label's very high-profile spokesmodels are Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence. So here's our question: Who is the It girl in this photo?

It's a question that stumped several members of the Byrdie edit team; our very own version of "The Dress" that divided the internetВ last year. At first glance,В the hair makes it seem obvious: J.Law is blond, so it must be Bella. But we also can't forget that LawrenceВ has a history of dyeing her hair the same chocolatey-brown hue for different roles. So wait-is it her?

Let's break it down, shall we?

First, we have Bella:

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Hi, Bella.

And then, we have Jennifer Lawrence (back when she was a brunette.

Jeff Vespaouris/Getty Images


So, do you have a final guess?

The spokesmodel in that Dior ad is…

Courtesy of Dior

Jennifer Lawrence!

Believe it or not, these images were taken for a Miss Dior campaign back in 2012 when J.Law was still moonlighting as Katniss Everdeen (hence the dark hair). But even if you guessed correctly, it doesn't change the fact that these two are eerily on-point doppelgängers. Who happen to model for the same French fashion house. And who both happen to be natural blondes. This is how conspiracy theories are born, yes?

(And if you guessed wrong, don't worry about it: Bella says she hears about the resemblance "five times a day.")

Did you guess correctly? Tell us in the comments below!