This Japanese Beauty Product Ratings Website Is My Best-Kept Secret


Considering that I've never been to Japan, my love of Japanese beautyВ (J-Beauty, is that a thing?) runs pretty deep. The packaging is quirky (sometimes downright strange) and there are promises of bright, bouncy skin, curly lashes, and barely-stained lips. The only issue is that it can be difficult to understand exactly what each thing is-there is a language barrier after all.В

So you can image my sheer excitement when I stumbled upon Cosme. This website is quite literally a place dedicated to ranking and reviewing the wonderful world of Japanese beauty products. And we're not talking one or two users, but hundreds upon hundreds of detailed reviews outlining everything you could dream of knowing. Not only does it take some of the guesswork out of shopping, but it's a great place to lose a few hours on a rainy afternoon (or the daily commute).В

Keep scrolling for our favourite (and highly-rated) Japanese beauty products.В

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