15 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Every Texture

You get the perfect haircut. You leave the salon feeling (and looking) like a supermodel. Then, you wash it for the first time. Then, you try to style it for the first time. Then, it looks nothing like it did the day you left the salon (sigh). The sad fact is not all haircuts are wash-and-go. Some of the best-looking styles are also the most time-intensive. But who has the time to spend an hour in the bathroom straightening and curling every morning?

We don't. To help you avoid a repeat of the above scenario, we've rounded up 15 low-maintenanceВ styles that won't add precious minutes to your morning routine. The following cuts will afford you minimal if no styling time, no matter what your texture.В Scroll through to find theВ right low-maintenance haircut for your hair type, bring the photo to your stylist, and prepare to saveВ a lot of time.

Thick Hair

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Don't go too short with thick hair. It can pouf up, bad-humidity style. Keeping your strands below your shoulders will help you avoid unnecessary styling.

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Skip blunt cuts, and choose long layers instead. You'll take off some of the weight to speed up styling time.


Ask for long layers around your face to create movement and a flattering, face-framing shape.

Thin Hair

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Thin hair has a hard time maintaining volume, so instead of fighting to create fullness with lots of layers (and styling products), embrace an easy, one-length cut.

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Hair that falls just below the shoulders weighs itself down just enough so you won't have to fuss with a ton of product and heat styling.

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Ask your stylist for a blunt cut-blunt ends create the illusion of thickness. And avoid bangs, which require way too much work to be considered low-maintenance.

Curly Hair

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An angular lob that's longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back adds shape to curly hair, giving it a built-in style even when you wash and go.

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Opt for curls that fall below your collarbone, and ask for plenty of layers throughout to remove some of the bulk.

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For super-tight curls, keep your layers extra long in front to avoid having to fight with curls in your face.

Wavy Hair

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If you have wavy hair and aren't afraid to go short, choose a tousled pixie cut. All you need is a dab of styling cream (like our favoriteВ Styling Cream, $14, from Verb) and you're good to go.

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For longer, wavy hair, a shoulder-length shag that you can just scrunch with salt spray (we love OuaiВ Wave Spray, $26) is the ultimate in low-maintenance hairstyles.

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Ask for lots of face-framing layers to prevent your natural texture from overpowering you.

Straight Hair

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A long, overgrown shag also works for straight hair. Just air-dry and tousle it up to add a bit of texture. A spritz of DrybarВ Triple Sec 3-in-1В ($26) never hurts either.

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CascadingВ layers create the illusion of volume with minimal styling.

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If your hair is long, thick, and straight, why fight it? Add a few layers below the chin and let your naturally beautiful texture do its thing.

Which of these low-maintenance haircuts will you take to your stylist?

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.