Reviewed: Philip B. Weightless Conditioning Water

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As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know-tough life). Reviewed is a series where we report on some of the best products we've tried. Whether it's a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you'll find all of our favorites in this column. Enjoy!

If I had to rank my passion for skincare, hair, and makeup, hair would fall a distant third. It's not that there aren't cool new innovations coming out of the category on the daily-the opposite, in fact. It's really more about my own laissez-faire attitude toward the whole idea of a haircare routine. My hair philosophy is definitely “less is more,” strictly in the product sense and strictly because I'm too lazy to attempt anything with a blow-dryer or hot tool.

However, I have noticed my hair-which I already expect very little from-has been looking especially scraggly of late. Maybe it's the changing seasons, or maybe it's just because I'm in desperate need of a haircut (more likely), but my normally wavy strands have been veering more on the straw side of the straw-silk spectrum. Enter Philip B.'s Weightless Conditioning Water ($38), a shine-inducing, garden-smelling mist that straddles the line between a shine spray and hair mist.

The first thing you'll notice is the scent. I mistakenly thought it was jasmine, but Philip B. himself told me it's actually magnolia flower. I don't think I've ever smelled an actual magnolia flower before, but now I hope to. The second thing I love is the consistency of the spray. I know, I know-the consistency of the spray? Why should that matter? Oh, but it does. Tell me you don't agree that there's nothing more annoying than a product that sprays unevenly, or too much, or too little. This spray comes out in a fine mist, like the mist you experience when you get too close to a waterfall. It's the one Goldilocks would've chosen if she'd had to choose between hair products instead of porridge.

And lastly, the thing I love the most about this unassuming, first-of-its-kind product is how it makes my hair look. When I arrive home, sweaty and slightly unpleasant-smelling after a particularly long commute in the melting pot that is the NYC subway, this spray instantly revives my hair and makes it shiny and fragrant. It's the equivalent of a face mist for my hair, but unlike a face mist, you don't need to seal it in with anything to reap the benefits. Like with a face mist, the consistency is light-as-air and thus doesn't weigh down your hair. I have thick, slightly wavy hair, but I could also see this product being a lifesaver for anyone with fine hair that falls flat with traditional serums, oils, and creams.

I love that I can reapply the product multiple times throughout the day for a pick-me-up, and it never feels like I have actual product in my hair-instead, it just magically makes my hair better. Shinier, softer, fresher, more akin to cashmere. You get the idea. This mist was a mainstay in my summer beauty arsenal (heat plus humidity plus NYC hot garbage smells… my hair needed help), but now we're fully in the throes of fall, and I still find myself reaching for this conditioning water on the daily. It's an exquisite, easy-to-use product that has done the impossible: made me genuinely excited about my hair routine.

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