How to Get Super-Glowy Skin for Your Wedding Day


When your wedding is on the horizon (alongside the countless of other things you have to plan), it's likely that your beauty routine has come to mind at least once or twice. We've already unpacked the ultimate pre-wedding beauty prep routine, but if you want the glowiest, clearest, brightest skin of your life, your complexion requires a little extra attention.

To help guide the way, we've tapped upВ super facialist Nichola Joss (even Meghan Markle turns to her for a good skin fix) to give us advice on how to prep skin ahead of the big day. From the treatments she recommends to the skincare products you'll want to add to your arsenal stat, she's giving us the best pre-wedding skincare advice. Keep reading to see how to get a complexion you won't want to hide behind a veil.

When You Should Start Thinking About Your Wedding Day Skin

Unfortunately, if you're looking for that super-elusive glow to show up in all your wedding photos, a quick mask the night before probably won't be enough. According to Joss, prep work should start a whole lot earlier than that. "Six months before the wedding day, you should take a look at doing all your corrective work," she recommends. "If you have problematic, acne-prone skin or need to address pigmentation, you might want to try laser, peels or dermabrasion this early on," says Joss.

But beyond skin treatments, she also recommends looking at skin health a little more holistically. "It's super important to also start taking an inside-out approach. This is a key element to creating perfect skin. I love the cult supplement Lumity (ВЈ90)-there is both a day and a night capsule, which is great as it also gives your complexion skin food while you sleep," she explains.

Joss adds, "I also recommend everyone to look after their gut. My favorite probiotic and gut harmonizer is Symprove (ВЈ158). It's a little miracle worker and makes the skin take on a real glow, clearing any breakouts too."

Treatments That Are Best for Targeting Skin Concerns

"LED, laser and peels all target needs and problems," promises Joss. "LED therapy is brilliant if you're after a quick fix with minimal downtime, as it uses different types of light to increase cell activity. Its results span everything from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to improving skin texture and brightening the skin," she says.

There are also many laser treatments available that offer a host of different benefits, including reducing acne and boosting the skin's collagen to get super-plump skin. Peels are perfect if your skin seems to look dull and is acting a bit sluggish, as they take off the top layer of dead skin cells and kick-start the deeper layers back into action.

If money really is no object, Joss reckons that you get facials twice a month. But as far as skincare is concerned, she says that you should start using retinol serums and antioxidantsВ stat.

If You're Trying to Ditch a Bout of Acne

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"Diet is essential, but supplements, topical peels and active serums help too. Stay out of the sun and polluted areas and invest in skincare that deals with pollution and protection," recommends Joss. Derma-needling is a great way to improve skin texture and tone. It also helps your skin fully absorb serums.

The Ultimate At-Home Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

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"You should be cleansing in the morning, toning and applying a facial exfoliating liquid to brighten," Joss recommends. "Also ensure you're using anti-pollution day creams and serums that include ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides and acids. Stay away from retinols at this point, as they may make skin hypersensitive," she says.

"Oils and balms are amazing for addressing hydration and also rebalancing the skins pH levels, adding vitality bounce and health to the skin," adds Joss. "Apply a night oil or oil balm in the evening and spend five minutes massaging into the skin using sweeping strokes, starting from the centre of the face working outward and upward. Address any tension points along the jawline cheekbones and eye-contour area," she says.

Quick Skin Fixes for Your Wedding Day

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Throughout the day (whether you got a bit teary or not), skin can benefit from a bit of refreshment to perk things up. "Facial mists are great," recommends Joss. "Or gently massage the skin with a jade roller or cooling tool to tighten and refresh skin without affecting makeup," she says. You can also boost the effects of all your hard skincare work by applying a gentle highlighting product onto cheekbones.

Now that you've got your skincare on lock, it's time to start thinking about your wedding day hair.