12 Flattering Hairstyles for the Oblong Face Shape

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Choosing a new hairstyle with anВ oblong faceВ is a lot of fun. FromВ bobsВ to shoulder-length haircuts,В you have many beautiful options.

You will find that the mostВ flattering stylesВ make yourВ face appear shorter than it is. That can be done by adding bangs,В layers, or volume to your hair. There isВ plentyВ of inspiration to beВ found in today's hottest hairstyles worn byВ celebrities.

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Sleek Bob

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The classic bob is a great choice for long faces. It's a sophisticated look that works with straight and wavy hair, no matter if it's fine or thick. By keeping the length close to the chin and a little shorter in the back, it draws attention to your well-defined bone structure.

This bob looks beautiful without bangs, but it is also perfect for blunt or side-swept bangs.

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Chin-Length Shaggy Bob

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Chin-length bobs and shags are ideal for a long face because they create the illusion of width. This cut is more of a shag but it also has the feel of a bob because of the graduated length. It's a perfect modern style that can work for women of any age.

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Textured Bob

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For even more interest, step up the texture in your bob. The cut is very dramatic, with super short layers in the back leading to layers well below the chin up front. The bangs complete the look and it's a perfect one for any woman who has thicker hair that can produce this much volume.

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Shoulder-Length With Bangs

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Some of the best styles for long-faced women are cut right around the shoulders. If you go any longer, it can draw your face down. The shoulders are the sweet spot that perfectly balances your face with a desire to keep long hair.

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Blunt Bangs With Straight Hair

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Bangs of any style can do wonders for making your face look shorter than it is. They hide a wider forehead, which often comes with this face shape, and beautifully draw everyone's attention to your eyes.

Blunt bangsВ with straight hair are a perfect match, though they also work with wavy hair.

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Straight, Long Layers

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With the right haircut, no one would even guess that your face is oblong. That's certainly the case with these long layers. It's a great option if you have straighter or finer hair. The simplicity also lets you play with color, making any highlights a chance to take center stage.

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Shoulder-Length With Long Layers

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Another flattering style for straight hair, this one leaves the front layers almost as long as the main body of hair. It's a wash-and-go style with naturally straight hair and one that requires a flat iron with wavy hair.В

If your hair tends to be flat, you can use styling products to add body. You might also consider coloring your hair. It's interesting that the dye actually plumps up the hair's follicles, which can instantly create volume.

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Wavy and Long

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The longer your hair, the more it will weigh down a long face. This cut isn't too long and the curls help add width to the face.

Have your stylist cut in layers to add fullness and don't let him thin out your hair too much. With a thinner face, you'll be happier with all the volume you can get.

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Shoulder-Length With Side-Swept Bangs

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Side-swept bangsВ are a fantastic addition to any haircut you choose. The angle breaks up a higher hairline and draws the eye to your face. With some sweet, soft curls, you get the extra volume that gives the face a more oval appearance.

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Thick and Wavy

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Cutting yourВ hair at the shoulders is also a great choice for very thick hair. It's a length that will not weigh down curls or waves and it's easier to care for every day. After all, the secret to beautiful hair is to keep it healthy, so whatever you can do to maintain that in your daily routine will be worth it.

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Formal Updo

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This is a fabulous choice for a formal updo, though it's not very "up." That's because you don't want to add too much volume on top of your head when you have a longer face. By pulling your hair back and letting tendrils frame your face, it's very flattering. Plus, you have to appreciate the messy intricacyВ of this knot on red hair.