6 Things Your Esthetician Wants You To Know

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Your Esthetician Wants You To Know…

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Though facials are supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for both body and soul they can be stressful as well. В Why? В Because instead of relaxing you are wondering what your esthetician really thinks about your skin. В Or perhaps you can't relax fully because you really want to know everything that your esthetician is doing during the facial since you can't see what she is doing. В In order for you to have the best possible experience during your treatment your esthetician wants you to know a few things both before and during your facial. Follow the advice here, and you'll be able to relax the next time you have a facial instead of wasting your time with needless thoughts.

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No, Your Esthetician Is Not Judging Your Skin

Everyone thinks their skin is in the worst condition - they have more blackheads than anyone else, their wrinkles are the deepest, their dark spots are hideous. В Let's be clear - your esthetician is not judging you or your skin during your facial. В And no, your skin is definitely not the worst your esthetician has ever seen. В As part of your facial your esthetician will do a thorough skin analysis and will recommend skin care products that can help improve the look and feel of your skin. В When she gives out that advice she is not putting you down, rather she wants you to get the most out of your appointment or she wouldn't be doing her job properly. Remember - giving out advice is not the same as judging your skin.

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Yes, Please Be Honest If You Smoke

If you do not tell your esthetician that you smoke your facial will be a lot less effective. Even if you only occasionally smoke you need to tell your esthetician. В Truth be told, your esthetician can usually tell if you smoke or not (though not always). В Smokers develop certain wrinkles (around the eyes, on the upper lip) and can have an ashy cast to their skin that non-smokers do not have.

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Tell The Truth About Which Skin Care Products You Use Or Don't Use

Once again, do not lie to your esthetician; she isn't judging you. В If you do not use any skin care products on a regular basis be upfront about that. В If you use body wash to cleanse your face be clear about that. В On the other hand, if you use a few or even a lot of different skin care products be sure to tell your esthetician exactly what you use. В Even better, bring all your products with you to your appointment so your esthetician can look at the ingredients in the products. В If you use prescription skin care products like Retin-A you mustВ tell your esthetician this before the facial starts. В Certain skin care products like Retin-A can make your skin extra sensitive. В If you use strong skin care products at home your esthetician needs to know this so that she adjusts the products she is using during your facial accordingly.

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It's Embarrassing But Your Esthetician Needs To Know If You Are…

If you are having your period you need to tell your esthetician. В Why? В Many women's skin is extra sensitive during their period. В Your esthetician needs to know if this is the case with you as well.

Your esthetician needs to know all the medications you are taking, even if this is birth control or anti-depressants. В This information is confidential; you don't need to worry about your esthetician telling everyone what medications you are taking. В But it is important that you be upfront and share.

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If You Lie About Your Skin You Won't Get The Best Treatment

As already mentioned if you withhold information from your esthetician you will not get the best treatment. В Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to talking to your esthetician. В If you don't use sunscreen say so! В If you never exfoliate be sure to tell your esthetician. В If you just got facial injections you mustВ tell your esthetician where and when you got the injections or your facial could move the material injected into your skin. В

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Your Esthetician Is A Skin Care Expert So Listen Up

Estheticians have had specialized training in skin care, know the products they are selling inside and out, and are skin care ingredient experts. В So trust your esthetician. В It isn't the end of the world if you bring up skin care information you learned from reading an article online, but be sure to trust your esthetician's judgement as well. В Online skin care information can be very general because it has to be. В Your esthetician is looking at your skin and making very personalized recommendations for you so be sure to take advantage of her advice and guidance. В Your esthetician will be happy if you ask questions both before, during, and after your facial. В That way you can get the best possible treatment.