4 Ways to Achieve Fuller-Looking Brows

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The Eyebrows Frame The Face

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Eyebrows come in many shapes and sizes, and through the years we've all definitely had our fair share of brow trends. From thin and skinny to full and thick, our eyebrows have seen it all. Seeing as they are one of the most important features on our face, and bring the structure of our features together, there's a lot to pay attention to when finding the perfect shape. So what are the best products to use that keep our brows looking full and natural, and how can we get barely there hair to grow? All of the best brow tips are just one click away.В

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Stimulate the Growth

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Lots of us over-plucked our brows and most of us didn't inherit the bushy brow genes that cause our lust for Brooke Shields' and Lily Collins' brows to quadruple by the day. The great news about this is there are brow serums you can use now to naturally stimulate hair growth, whether you want to patch up a bald spot or be more aggressive with growing your hair. They actually work!В Using a serum like this one, from GrandeBrowВ every day for six to eight weeks will make a major improvement in your brow growth by using amino acids, peptides and vitamins for a stronger and thicker hair follicle. It will also help hair grow in places much quicker than if you were to follow the natural hair growth cycle without any stimulation. Want longer eyelashes too? Pair your brow serum with the lash serum and watch everything triple in size.В

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Don't Be Shy, Fill Brows In

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We've seen a lot of overdrawn and overfilled eyebrows floating through the realms of social media and Instagram, but over-doing your brows can actually work against you instead of helping. When your brows look as if they're painted on, you draw unnecessary attention to them, rather than if they were shaped and filled in nicely with the right beauty products. You can use a ​fine point brow pencil like this one here from Benefit to draw strokes in an upward motion that resemble hair and then brush through them with a setting gel that lifts the hair and helps them appear more lifted. This also keeps the hair in place. Another great trick? Spray hairspray on a brow spoolie and brush through your brows with that in case you don't have a gel to set them with.

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Wear Minimal Eye Makeup

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If you want your brows to stand out and appear fuller, take a more minimal approach when it comes to eye makeup.В While there's always a time and place for a sultry smokey eye, you can rock a minimal eye makeup look to give more attention to your brows instead. Neutral cream eyeshadows with subtle shimmer are great options to swipe on the lid to give some instant depth and color. You can also do a clean and simple winged liner as an alternative.В

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Lather On the Coconut Oil

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Using an organic and cold pressed coconut oil on your eyebrows for one to two months is a great way to stimulate hair growth naturally if you're sensitive to using products. Simply warm a few drops in your hand and rub through your eyebrows toВ help stimulate thicker hair growth, and watch the thickness of the hair change over time. This is also a great product to use after threading or waxing to help calm the skin if it has become red or irritated. You can make your own coconut oil blends by simply melting the oil, pouring it in a jar or plastic container, and adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to sweeten up the scent. Best practice is to do this every day to help stimulate the hair follicle.В

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